Carlos J. de MiguelStatement. Part 1

Increase conciseness and self awareness. Connect to my higher self daily. Mindfulness meditation, physical training and manifestation tools are my sacred habits. Create renovating agreements. Align my life with my purpose. Cultivate compassion, kindness and self love. Being vs doing. Create effective relationships. Inspire others.

Carlos J. de MiguelStatement. Part 2

Develop my abilities as a Transformational & Strategic Life Coach. Turn Physical and Mental Fitness into the next level.
Keep creating and leading mountain routes. Grow as a Leader.
Progress in my expertise in Geotechnical Engineering and Sustainability.

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Time Management

I don´t have time for that, I am busy and my to-do list is huge are some of the common answers in our everyday life. The first thing to do is work from your calendar, not a to-do list. The to-do list at the end of the day is not working unless you scheduled them …

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Meditation to Self Belief

I have listened to this meditation more than a couple the times. Definitively it is on my playlist -self series 😉 Today I wanted to try to transcribe it. You can listen entirely Insighttimer. Imagine how you feel in your body when you centre yourself in a place of confident, clear knowing. Breathe that feeling …

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Here we are as we approach the end of the year. Then let´s make a review and reflection on the year and set new intentions as usual, but why? Because life is plenty of cycles with beginnings and endings and we have endless opportunities to show up with the best version of ourselves. This morning …

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