A letter at the end of the year

On the 24th I wrote a letter to the three kings where I wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

May give our welcome to 2024 with joy, intention, hope and connection.

May the practice of care, deep understanding and compassion be our routine.

May focus on the power of now, practising mindfulness on every occasion.

May show up with trust and confidence in providence.

May show to others with gratitude, gentleness, kindness, love and joy.

I believe firmly in becoming the best version of ourselves through transformational tools. That is not “self-help”, “coaching staff”, or “Mr Wonderful Words”.

This is why the end of the year is a productive exercise to have moments of reflection and think about the year ahead. Pick up this example.

As you know I am a follower of many authors getting newsletters, workbooks, strategies and transformational tools, talks, and organizations (Action for Happiness, Global Compassion Coalition…) and a daily user of Apps (Heroic App, Insight Timer, Pray as you Go…) as I am a fervent a reader of piles of books.

The other day I got an email from one of my favourite authors, Fleur Chambers, with two key ideas: “Trust in god. Tether your camels“. The importance of trusting because something (god, energy, life, the universe) is holding us. The second invitation (tether your camels) is about continuing to show up responsibly in your life. That email reminded me of a great book Hope and the Nearness of God: The 2022 Lent Book theme of the Lent Retreat.

Today (29th of December) I was listening the Module 0 of Heroic Coach which I highly recommend. Brian Johnson was about to publish an awesome book of 1000 pages with loads of wisdom “Areté” and distilled philosophy.

I wish you to become the best version of yourself in 2024.

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