Searching for a new accommodation

By the first of April, I don`t know where I will live. It is so frustrating, irritating and stressful.

If I had a great of money, I wouldn`t have any problem to find something suitable for me.
I am looking for accommodation. A modest room in a shared house.

Housing is pricey, and people are greedy, and they are offering me holes that it cost a fortune.

So far I have viewed eight rooms.

Small rooms with kitchenette call mini studios without table or chair to eat sitting down.

When I ask for desk study, they looked at me weirdly.

Mini studios without wardrobe. Wardrobes without hunger, ensuite rooms with a tiny cubicle, etc.

Some current tenants show me this places, and they try to sell them to me. They are happy with that. We live with this situation, and we have accepted the abuse as a general rule.

At the moment I am living in a 14 sq room, ensuite 3 sq meters bathroom and a double kitchen shared, sadly new planning of the council town kick me off. It seems like there not something similar to affordable money.

I don’t want to survive; I don’t want to be rich to bring a great of money to my tomb.

I want to live with a minimum quality of life and enjoy.

This system life has a chronic problem with the values.
But, I am happy because nobody, none system will be able to beat me. I keep enjoying this life wherever I settled down.


  1. Querido Carlos, quisiera poder leer tus entradas en español. Ya sabes que me gusta saber de tí, de tus aprendizajes y progresos. Si te fuera posible añadir en este blog un traductor, me encantaría. Un abrazo grande.

    1. Querida Carmen, con mucho gusto traduciré el post para ti y mis incondicionales seguidores en España. Un abrazo fuerte.

  2. Encontrar alojamiento es una tarea pesada y muchas veces decepcionante, como bien describes.
    Espero que pronto encuentres algo que te encaje, y no sea una abuso.

    Abrazo fuerte!

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