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I wish you MEI

January is a month plenty of resolutions but the resolutions don´t have fix day in the calendar to start. I wish you consistency for what you want to achieve. I want you to get rid of excuses. For this coming 2021, I wish you Meditation + Exercise + Inspiration. That is a great formula to …


Visualization is the last routine I have added to my daily routine. We can change our reality changing our thoughts. Picture in your mind achieving a goal is a powerful exercise. Chose a goal you wish to accomplish. Make a vision board. Visualize the action. Make things happen

New ways

One key to increasing our levels of wellbeing and happiness is to keep doing something new. Have you been doing something new recently? Another key is practice exercise. It is recommended to do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. I strongly recommended it. When I started doing Bodybalance back in April I was …