Great Manchester Run 10 K

My last race was five months ago in Madrid (San Silvestre Vallecana). Yesterday I took part in a new race, here in Manchester.
I have checked I am on the right track. I am proud myself because my time was 52 minutes much better than my 2014’s and 2015`s races.
In my first 4 kilometres, I thought I could break the barrier the 50 min/10K because my pace was 5 min/Km.
Many feelings came out meanwhile I was running. First of all angry. Angry because daily I get a lot of NO as an answer.

I remembered my last training under the rain when I wanted to yell and cry.
The hurdles are enormous but I will not stop as I will cross the finish line again.
Yes, I can, Yes I can make it. Keep going. Keep pushing. Carry on. Don`t give up. Hang in there!
Yesterday I joined to Manchester Food Bank team. A great team is chasing a great cause.


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