In 1914, Ernest Shackleton embarked on an adventure to cross time Antarctica for the fist time. This extraordinary expedition has been chronicled by many authors to represent a story of survival. Shipwrecked because of the ice pressure. Crew lost in the middle of Weddel Sea. Men struggle with the cold for many months fight against cold, hungry and discouragement, at the limit of human capabilities in extreme  situations.

His successful bid to reach help in an open boat from remote South Atlantics whaling station and rescue his men was a stunning feat of leadership.

However, day by day on this anguished adventure, Shackelton led his team giving them an example of courage and creativity. His behaviour shows a lesson of leadership has great  value in today`s world when the situation on the edge is so common.

Then, here it is ten strategies of Dennis N.T Perkins author of “Leading at the edge. Leadership lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton’s Antartic Expedition

1.- Vision and quick victories.

Never lose sight of the ultimate goal and focus energy on short term objectives.

2.- Symbolism and personal example.

Set a personal example with visible memorable symbols and behaviour.

3.- Optimism and reality.

Instill optimism and self-confidence but stay grounded in reality.

4.- Stamina

Take care of yourself: Maintain your stamina and let go of guilt.

5.- The team message.

Reinforce the team message constantly: “We are -we live or die together”

6.- Core team values.

Minimize status differences and insist on courtesy and mutual respect.

7.- Conflict.

Master conflict: Deal with anger in small doses, engage dissidents and avoid needless power struggles.

8.- Lighten up!

Find something to celebrate and something to laugh about.

9.- Risk.

Be willing to take the Big Risk

10.- Tenacious creativity

Never give up, there`s always another move.