Mind the gap

Sometimes when others judge and criticise my actions these judgements become my own self-judgement and I see myself caught in a train of negative thoughts

Shortly after I found out how to break free from the train of thoughts

Our freedom exists in the gap right between a stimulus and our response as he would say it´s not stimulus > response, it´s a stimulus (-Gap-)response. Viktor Frankl

The judgement is a stimulus and the negative thoughts are our response.

If any external thing causes you distress it is not the thing itself that troubles you but your own judgement about it. And this you have the power to eliminate right now. Marcus Aurelius

Whatever happens around you, don´t take it personally. Even when they say, what they do and the opinions they give are according to the agreements they have in their own mind.

Letting go of judgement and inviting in compassion. Don´t judge be compassionate.