I had a plan in my mind for the first of June. I had made my assumptions and created my expectations about what should happen next. I believed I had my things under control. I shocked when the reality was totally different and I went through a moment of panicking.

At that moment I didn´t make the most about mindfulness, anxiety control, stress release, all things I keep talking about on this blog.

There is a concept in mindfulness meditation that I keep deepening with every text I read, course I take and guide meditation I do. And this is understanding Surrender.

Surrender is relinquish control. Control is attachment and it is when disappointment and frustration comes up.

Surrender means to set an intention and then back it off, not controlling that intention, It is allowing and trusting. It is becoming comfortable with no having answers.

To surrender is to be comfortable in the period of waiting and connect with your faith.

Meditation helps us to connect with the space between breath. Allow us to see all is ok what it is and we are exactly where we mean to be. Meditation helps us to surrender.

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