Here we are as we approach the end of the year. Then let´s make a review and reflection on the year and set new intentions as usual, but why?

Because life is plenty of cycles with beginnings and endings and we have endless opportunities to show up with the best version of ourselves.

This morning I got an email with a 19 minute guided meditation to reflect on. This meditation is fantastic because summarizes what I understand as mindfulness meditation focusing on the breath. You can find it for free on the link >acceptance > Expansion and reflection. Some intakes are as follows

Explore your breath as four part cycle: Begining your inbreath, the pause on the top, the outbreath, the pause on thebottom of your breath…
Breath is a methafor of life always changing, fill with begining and endings, moments of fulness and emptyness…

As you connect more intimately with your breath you also connecting more deeply with life true esence…

Then I pressed play in other fantastic 22 minutes of guided meditation to reflect and set intentions accord with our valuesyou may want to take a moment to consider what are the core values that give meaning to your life– let go of behaviours or circumstances that are no longer serving us and take actions that allow us to live more meaningfully.

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