Daily Gems

I have loads of notebooks, I use one of them to transcript the daily meditations that touch, inspire me and resonate.

The following excerpt (not complete) is from a 10 minutes meditation call Bring to home. The author is Fleur Chambers. Fleur Chambers is one of 53 teachers I follow on insighttimer app. At the moment I am taking two of her extended courses “Transform Your mornings in 30 days” and “Evening Meditation for insight & Ease”. I learnt Fleur Chambers is the owner of the app the happy habit

Some of you ask me about what exactly meditation is. What kind of guided meditation I can listen to on the apps. It is not complicated, meditation consists of keeping it simple. There is only one way to discover it give a go and no more, you don´t need to join an in-person group and invest a long time or money

Meditation is so much more than just an opportunity to relax. Meditation allows us to understand ourselves, our lives and our relationships in new and profound ways in ways that offer us moments of gratitude connections.

Let´s come home to ourselves to the quiet wisdom that lives within. …. and offering yourselves a moment to move from your external world to your inner world. There is no hurry and be curious about your breath, noticing your airflow.

Noticing the rising and fall of your chest, noticing the expansion of your belly. With each breath coming home a little more…take a deep breath…feel grateful for the way your breath show you the way home.

…And gently direct your breath to your heart and offer to your heart gratitude breaths. Connect to the heart that loves with the heart can break and even heal.

Noticing any sign of openness, the relaxation that emerges… Who is in your heart? , perhaps you see family, friends past or present…

Can you invite you to your heart? Welcome yourself into your heart and whisper thank you, thank you for connecting with your own wisdom…

…Setting an intention how do you want to show up to the world…

wrapping your hands together receiving your own worm and place your hands in your body as a gesture for all you have, for all you have for all you will be and the miracle of life.

May you move through your day with a sense of love connection and appreciation.