One of the first exercises, when you decide to do a strategic plan process, is the wheel of life, the second one define your values and then you can start with your mission, vision and statement.

I have recently re-written my statement. You should redefine, back to define and refocus these foundations from time to time. Why? because you are immersed in a process of self-grow.

I came up with two statements. I would say one internal and the other external. They are on the front page If you scroll down.

Statement 1
Increase conciseness and self awareness. Connect to my higher self daily. Mindfulness meditation, physical training and manifestation tools are my sacred habits. Create renovating agreements. Align my life with my purpose. Cultivate compassion, kindness and self love. Being vs doing. Create effective relationships. Inspire others.
Statment 2
Develop my abilities as a Transformational & Strategic Life Coach. Turn Physical and Mental Fitness into the next level. Keep creating and leading mountain routes. Progress in my expertise in Geotechnical Engineering and Sustainability.

Then I have created what I called it Ritualize my joy routine using manifestation tools. I have already talked about it – affirmations and visual board -. I divided the affirmations into different “mantras”. The mantras should comprise the previous statement subjects.

Ritualize my joy

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mantra
    • Setting the tone and the intention of the day mantra
    • Loving kindness mantra
    • I am enough mantra
    • Surrender mantra
    • Return to love mantra
  • Vision Board

Let me know your thoughts or inquires in

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