6 Daily Routines for self growth

This modern life is plenty of hectic days.

It is important to take time for you and fall in love with taking care of yourself every day.

You need to create a habit (discipline, dedication, and determination).

You don`t need to have time, you need to make time.

  1. Silence (10 min):

Practice mindfulness meditation. Eg. Smiling Mind app and Relax Melodies App.

Go for a walk

Pray if you are a believer. Eg. As pray as you go App

2. Write (10min):

Do a journal. Reflect on your day. Let your mind wander. Highlight your day. Practice Gratitude

3. Read (15 min):

A book. Daily Affirmations. Quotes

4. Do Exercise (30 min. 3-4 times per week) at the gym, at home or in the street

Run, HIIT, GRIT, Swim…

5. Learn something new at work

6. Review your goals (weekly) and your statement 

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