Meditation to Self Belief

I have listened to this meditation more than a couple the times. Definitively it is on my playlist -self series 😉

Today I wanted to try to transcribe it. You can listen entirely Insighttimer.

Imagine how you feel in your body when you centre yourself in a place of confident, clear knowing. Breathe that feeling for a moment.

A part of you holds the answers. Today we are going to connect with the centre of your being…Are you ready?

At this moment I call forward my higher self, the version of me who face the challenges of my life.

Today I choose to put down the stick of judgement, the one I have often beat myself.

I divert my eyes from another journey to focus on my own.

I forgive myself for not getting it right 100%of the time.

I free myself of my need to have the whole picture figured out before taking the inspiring next step because at this moment I know the truth that I am exactly where I need to be.

Deep down I know I have all that it takes to move forward to create the life I desire. I am worthy of receiving, worthy of being seen, worthy of living.

I choose to trust who I am and what I have to contribute to this world…

My journey ahead is paved in light because that is the lens I choose to look through.

I am the master of my destiny. I am enough and so it is

Take a deep breath through the nose and exhale with an audible YES

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