New habit

According to the book The Miracle Morning, a new habit takes 30 days to stick to them.
Days 1- 10 Phase 1: Unbearable
Days 11 – 20 Phase 2 Uncomfortable
Days 21 -30 Phase 3: Unstoppable
The 3rd Monday of January is known as black Monday because is when we give up our new year resolution.

Essential is determination, discipline and willing to stick the new habits.

One of my new habits is Morning pages

I have started to read more about morning pages and journaling habit and I fell in love with that.
I journal on this blog (is shared with you) but also I journaling on digital on my iPad and handwriting on my multiples notes books.
But since the past week, I have added the morning pages. They are more planned and structured as follow:

Morning routine

Random thoughts
Quote of the day
I am grateful for: 1. 2. 3.
What would make today great?
Daily Affirmation

Bedtime ritual

Three amazing things that happened today
How could I have made today better?
One of the day`s triumphs, big o small
One of the day`s challenges, big o small
One idea from today that you would like to explore

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