Planning Intentions

We are getting used to hearing the expression “uncertain times” but What period has not been uncertain with unplanning things?

In the middle of all of that, we still have intentions. Intentions feed our hopes and wishes. I said intentions rather than goals. Goals have a destination. Intentions leading us toward a process of inner transformation and help us in our mental wellbeing -I will share some of my intentions to show the process-.

  1. Ask yourself about your intentions.
  • What qualities do you want to cultivate?
  • How do you want to take care of yourself?
  • What do you want to let go?
  • Where will you pour your attention?
  • How do you want to grow?
  • What habits or practice nourish you?

2. Choose the desired behaviour you want to acquire

Now it is about turning the behaviour into a habit. Habit is an automated behaviour pattern, usually repeated and unconscious. Requires focus, dedication, energy. And repetition, repetition, repetition.

My intentions

Do my miracle morning routine with 30 minute meditation first thing in the morning. 10 minute mindfulness meditation before bed.

1 hour/1.5 h daily physical activity.

Complete psychology and sustainable courses of my to-do list.

3. A new habit takes time much more than 21 days. it might be 1 moth, 1 year.

Start small, break down the changes in your new behaviours and keep moving forward with consistency. Missing one day it doesn´t mean you are not going to achieve the habit.

4. Stay in track.

Create a plan. Schedule the new habit on your agenda. Think about how to trigger your habit

Be aware of obstacles and create a crisis/contingency plan creating solutions.

Triggers. Look for a specific response to the new behaviour.

Keep record on your daily journal of the results and achievements.

My intentions:

Combine guided meditations and live meditations using Calm, insighttimer and Pray as you go Apps

6 weeks program training Game Changer plus 8 weeks 10 K running program in the evenings with Les Milles on Demand platform.

Course study 3 hour week.

I write down my intentions on google keep, penultimate notes. I use Microsoft to do for long term goals and lists.

I keep track of my progress on the challenge pack booklet and my diary.

5. This is a process and you must enjoy the journey. If not, redesign, reset, break down your intentions.

I will free to combine types of mindfulness meditations

I will feel free to drop, add or swap workouts to enjoy the moment and suit them on my day

6. Rest

You can take a rest, one day even one week is fine to recharge and find further motivation. We are not perfect. Be kind and compassionate with yourself.