Today is starting the beginning of the liturgical year with the season of the Advent. Time of expectant waiting, preparation, hope and reflection before the celebration of nativity.

The other day a friend of mine asked me why I am an enthusiastic mindfulness meditation practitioner rather than have the ritual of pray.

I do both and both have similitudes y the same practicalities.

When I pick the prayer of the day, the Jesuits series retreats or join to a live session imagine meditation they all start focusing on the breath, taking awareness of our feelings and draw attention on the sensations of the body. Same as mindfulness meditation.

Also, I can find the same programs as walking mindfulness meditation, stay at home or thrive inside.

The difference, the prayer takes gospel readings and put the communication with Jesus Christ in the centre.

Both help me out to wake up, face the challenges, gain self-awareness and reduce my stress levels and anxiety.