Reflections 2019 and no resolutions 2020

Just come back from holidays Christmas and I answered some questions one and other time after telling my stories as an expat.

The star question was how I will be affected by Brexit and many others had a common base ask about my future plans. 

In general, our mind projects us to the future and most of the times our mind creates the worst-case scenario.

But we live in a moment of VUCA

2019 has been a step forward in my growth and development with multiple achievements.

It has been a year with multiple failures aswell. 


In 2020 will keep sticking to my plan with persistence, determination and resilience overcome the obstacles as challenges.

2019 was the year of discovering the practice of mindfulness with Calm. The mindfulness is mental fitness, teaches us to come back to the present moment, live with gratitude, be aware, among many other things.

In this time of the year, we are setting up our goals for the year ahead according to all personal development good practices.

My goals will NOT be:

My goals will NOT BE either above, my goals will be: LIVE Mindfully, be wise and JOY.