Introspective Reflection. Deep diving

Introspective reflection might be a new label in this blog from now on. Why not. I hope the bunch of followers and readers understand this 🙂

Past Friday I woke up with a cervical contracture. I am wondering if my subconscious mind is playing around. It might be.

Too many to do lists. We are busy getting things done, achieving goals and expectations, being productive at work and at home.

The key to a fulfilling life is to wake up. Wake up to the truth but the truth is not outside. The true ourselves is deep inside. We need deep diving and deep surrender. Deep diving means increasing our self-awareness.

Self-awareness leads us to let go. It is time to let go of the disappointments, regrets of yesterday. It is time to let go of things that didn´t get done, the conversation didn´t go to plan, the expectation unmet.

Self-awareness leads us back home, back to the present, live awake. Self-awareness is power.

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