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Mindfulness in my opinion is a life changing habit, not only improves your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing but provides a foundation to remain in calm during stressful and challenges events. Ease your mind, increase awareness, reduce stress and anxiety.

As we meditate, we are exercising our muscles of awareness, so we can expand our present moment awareness in everyday life.

Tamara Levitt

Here a simples and effective Breathing exercises

  • Breath in to count of four, holding the breath to count of four then exhale to count of 8. (4-4-8)
  • Quiet your mind and relieve stress. Extended Exhale (4-6)
  • Focus: Sharpen concentration and become more present. Box Breathing (4-4-4-4) Breath in- hold- Breath out-hold
  • Energize: Boost your energy and alertness (4-2)