What are our core values? That is the first question we should ask ourself in any process of transformation

Our values act as a compass or lighthouse guiding us to take action and make decisions. They define our priorities and commitments. They are your why, the underline reason that you do what do you.

Values differ from goals. Goals are the concrete thing you aiming achieve in specific times.

Here they are not items to be accomplished. They are ongoing helping us to move forward even if our circumstances change. Values are stars that keep us on track even as the world shake us.

A great way to identify your value is to write down everything you did during the day that feels worthwhile and figure out which value resonate.

Our values reveal what we care about. Identify your core values are essential. They are the essence of our heart.

Do you want to make a bold decision? Do you want to define your priorities? Do you want to know how to make time for something in your busy life? Come back to your core values.

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