2022. Stepping Beyond

The blog had twenty-seven entries in 2021. The first one in the new year is a classic in this time: resolutions. Boring, Exciting?

It is exciting because we are becoming the best version of ourselves. It means we are evolving, we are in a process of growth.

Look here and download this pdf I have created with some reflection about the year we just left behind.

Now set the intentions for this one. These intentions should follow your statement. I suggest write your 22 for 22 list. Choose one word, or a short phrase, to sum up, what you want to focus on for the new year like “optimize”, “bigger” …

List twenty-two things you would love to be by the end of the year. These items can be easy goals or stretch goals. You can organize lists into themes “joy” “career” “family”. Be creative.

Now, take action and make it happen. I have created a planner with a tracker of daily routines for self-growth –meditation, Affirmations, Journalising, Inspiration, reading, exercise and connection-, a to be list and agenda.

Meditation: I use Insighttimer, Calm, HappyHabit and Prayasyougo apps

Journalising: I have multiple Note Books, one for free writing and journalising, one for taking notes about meditation and Insight timer courses and another where I keep multiple digital notes, quotes and manifestation tools.

Inspiration: a book, a quote, podcast, mail-list. I have been inspired by: Gretchen Rubin, Antonio Neves, Teresa Mckee, Hal Elrod, Live Better, LouRedmond, Action for Happiness, Alina Albu….

To Be List: Now I use Todoist, Google Keep and Google Calendar. I would say To Be list rather than to Do List. Being vs Doing. We would need to BE more and DO less. To Be accordingly our Statement.

Reading: I have recently discovered Optimize.me. It is a fantastic app with + 600 summaries of books, videos and lessons to gain wisdom and optimize yourself

Exercise: You all know I follow Les Mills +

Connection: This is a “new” routine. It is about creating valuable connections, empathising, reaching out to old friends, caring for others, listening, create new relationships.

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